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Homeless in Houston

One day, I was walking feeling sorry for myself because there is a recession and I was worried about what would happen and how I would survive. Then I met this man. His name was Ezekiel. He was homeless. He said to me, Do you live near here? ( Why is this homeless guy asking me where I live?), I said, where is your family? He avoided the question and said, Hey! You have an accent1 Where are you from? I said, I am from Jamaica, where are you from? ( Do you believe this? I am there talking to a homeless man, the people walking by must think I am crazy… well I am actually crazy…but even when I was 5 years old I remember my mom taught me not to talk to strangers.).

Ezekiel said he was from Louisiana. So I asked him again, where is your family and why did you come to Houston? Again he avoided my question and told me that he went to Jamaica a long time ago when he went on a cruise… a cruise?!?! He could afford to go on a cruise? Intresting… that means he must have been living a descent lif…

My Tribute to Michael Jackson

My Tribute to Michael Jackson