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Health and Education Crisis In Houston

I feel moved to blog about the present health and education crisis that exists in Houston. It is just alarming! I hope others who are in the position to help, may read this blog and take steps toward addressing this problem. As the “Oil and Gas” Capital and the fourth largest city in the United States,  with approximately 2.1 million people, many people living in Houston are below the poverty line and cannot afford health care, cannot speak English, and do not know how to access healthcare. There are many smart, talented young people graduating from high school /college, however there are jobs available but  no one to provide direction and teach them how to use their skills to obtain a job. Many social programs exist but are not accessible to poor minorities (Black, Hispanic, Asian minorities like Phillipino, Cambodian, Vietnamese). Many people "graduate" from high school but still are not competent in basic academic skills like Reading and Writing English Language and Basic…