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the weather in Houston

Is it just me or did it feel like they turned up the Sun today? the people in Houston must be very bad since they are being punished like this.

Which society is more forgiving of our young men?

Adventures at 2:38 AM

2:38AM. Monday Morning. Heavy Rain Outside. and that is the time these stray cats who were in Heat chose to come beneath my window and decide to scream at each other. at first i tried to ignore them and hope they would go away, but they had decided they were going to go at each other all night/morning. and so i had to put on my raincoat over my pajamas and my boots and armed with my mop, i had to chase them away. i had no other choice. there was no other way i would have gotten any sleep. i saw one neighbour turn on their lights but nobody else decided to come out and chase the cats away. I know that you people are going to call PETA, but I did not harm them. they can go somewhere else and carry on their activities. of course you know after all that i could not go back to sleep.