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Why would a reporter throw his shoes at President George W. Bush?

I am shocked. I cant believe the Iraqi Reporter threw a shoe at George W. Bush, the President of the United States!!! I wonder why he would do such a thing? I am so shocked!!! Could it be that he disliked the President so much?

Comparing New York and Houston


In NY for $1500, you could get a basement apartment.

In Houston, for $1500 you could get a luxury apartment on Westheimer with a jacuzzi...or you could pay mortgage on a house.

In NY for $300,000, you copuld buy a decent townhouse.

In Houston, for $300,000 you can buy 2 townhouses, each one double the size of the one in NY, with a huge backyard for plenty of Barbecues and plenty of space for your little ones to chase each other around.


has one of the best mass transportation systems in America.

has one of the worst and most inefficient mass transportation systems in America.

most people dont own a car, and they take the bus or subway.

most people I know, own a car AND an F150 Truck. As a matter of fact, when i first came here, I heard the advertisement telling me everyday how "this is Ford country". Most people in Houston cant imagine what it must be like to take the bus. I am presently, the only person in Houston who does not own a…

Weather Update

Houston Weather Update

Monday during day, Temperature: 70 degrees, Sunny, perfect for picnic.
Monday evening, Temperature, 50 degrees, 20 degree drop in like 2 hours, Only in Houston.
People are looking at the sky confused.
Tuesday, Temperature, 50 degrees, Rain.
Wednesday, Temperature, 30 degrees, Snow. Never before, in all my life have i seen this weather. Nowhere else. Believe me!

Jamaica Weather Update

Monday during day, Sunshine.
People are going to the beach.
Tuesday, More Sunshine.
Wednesday, Even More SUNSHINE.

Houston reacts to Snow

Over 500 cars in accidents in Houston since the snow started last night. Then all the major freeways start to get blocked or shut down. Remember, this is supposed to be the 4th largest city in the United States. Houstonians are not used to snow. Or Rain. Everytime the weather gets extreme (which is anything that does not resemble 99 degrees Heatwave, these people panic and start doing silly things on the road. True, there are many people who can drive better than me, but many people in Houston seem to have bought their license at Walmart and are making it really hard for the sensible drivers. Anyway, everyone please be careful on the roads, especially in this silly season!

A Woman's Worth

If a woman has no morals, no values, no self-esteem, what does she have?

Job Hunting

Ok, so i go for this job interview and first of all the place is far away from the rest of civilization. I have to walk a couple of blocks to find the place. Then the complex is so huge I cant even find the HR department. Then finally out of luck i run into an employee who shows me where they have hidden their HR office. So I finally arrive just in time to start the interview. Next thing is that they give me some type of test that they use named ,
" How To Tell If This Person Is An Idiot!"
How dare they give me this stupid test. I rush through the test because I really dont have times for these games. i want to hurry up and get to the real interview.
I feel so insulted because after i waste my time and energy to go there, i get a rejection letter. I dont like this type of procedure. I feel like I was treated as if I was a product on a job hunting factory line. Not as an individual, but as a robot with a name tag that they can just experiment with, waste my time and then hand …