Job Hunting

Ok, so i go for this job interview and first of all the place is far away from the rest of civilization. I have to walk a couple of blocks to find the place. Then the complex is so huge I cant even find the HR department. Then finally out of luck i run into an employee who shows me where they have hidden their HR office. So I finally arrive just in time to start the interview. Next thing is that they give me some type of test that they use named ,
" How To Tell If This Person Is An Idiot!"
How dare they give me this stupid test. I rush through the test because I really dont have times for these games. i want to hurry up and get to the real interview.
I feel so insulted because after i waste my time and energy to go there, i get a rejection letter. I dont like this type of procedure. I feel like I was treated as if I was a product on a job hunting factory line. Not as an individual, but as a robot with a name tag that they can just experiment with, waste my time and then hand me a rejection letter.
" Thank you for coming. Sorry we wont hire you. We dont really like you. Goodbye. "
Maybe next time I will take the test more seriously.


Dan said…
The test should be titled "will you work hard even if we demean you and give you pointless tasks?". Sounds like a bad place to work anyway. I know you'll find a better one!

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