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Why i love Fiesta Grocery Store

I love fiesta Grocery Store! They should be awarded a prize for keeping food prices low for students like me. I mean how many places can you go with $20 dollars and get 3 grocery bags filled with Grocery for at least 1 week. They should be given a community service award or something. You know what i am not going to wait for someone else to give them an award. I hereby award Fiesta with the Most Cheapest Grocery Store in Poor Communities Humanitarian Award! I Love Fiesta!

Did i tell you about the time i saw a sea-gull in the Fiesta Grocery Store Parking lot?

Did i tell you about the time i saw a sea-gull in the Fiesta Grocery Store Parking lot? this was like last week. the poor thing must have been looking for food. And i am not even joking. either the storm winds blew him over here or maybe because of the oil spilll he couldnt find food. and had to rlocate. and how did i recognize the sea-gull, well someone showed me sea-gulls the previous weekend when i went to Kemah. so i know what i saw. and this bird was a looooong way from home...

Angry Young Men

Angry Young Men

When I first came to the US, I was thinking about joining the military. I thought that I should just sign up.After living in the US for a few years, I started realizing that not everyone who signed up for the military got all the benefits that were promised. One of the things I found most alarming was that many of the homeless people wandering the streets were… Veterans!

I am a “unique” person. When I say I am “unique”, I mean if someone comes up to me and begs me some money, I start a conversation with them, trying to find out why they are homeless and why I should give them my money. I was surprised to see how intelligent some of these “homeless” “street people” are. I am wondering, if these people can have an intelligent conversation, why are they homeless? Why cant they get a job and support themselves?

It is so sad. That most of these people are veterans. Of couse you know I want to save the world, and I want to help these people. These brave people who went to fight…