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Some Interesting Facts About Jamaica And Jamaican Culture

Famous Jamaicans
Jamaican  athlete Usain Bolts holds the Olympic  record  for the fastest sprinter in history. International Music Legend Bob Marley was a Jamaican
Tourist and Honeymoon Destination Jamaica is known internationally as a tourist and honeymoon destination The Importance of time Jamaicans show up 2 hours late for every event. If they are having a party at 10pm, everyone shows up at 12 midnight, then they party till 7am the next morning. Then they show up at their 9am job at 11am. The Elderly Most Jamaicans have great respect  for the elderly and they take care of them at home instead of taking them to nursing homes. Male and Female  Dress Jamaicans  have the same cultural patterns as the British. Jamaica was once a British colony, so the males and females dress in similar pattern as in British culture. Making Eye Contact Jamaicans were taught that it is polite to look people in the eye when you are speaking to them. Touching or Standing in Close Proximity Jamaicans  do not know…