Some Interesting Facts About Jamaica And Jamaican Culture

Famous Jamaicans

Jamaican  athlete Usain Bolts holds the Olympic  record  for the fastest sprinter in history.
International Music Legend Bob Marley was a Jamaican

Tourist and Honeymoon Destination
Jamaica is known internationally as a tourist and honeymoon destination
The Importance of time
Jamaicans show up 2 hours late for every event. If they are having a party at 10pm, everyone shows up at 12 midnight, then they party till 7am the next morning. Then they show up at their 9am job at 11am.
The Elderly
Most Jamaicans have great respect  for the elderly and they take care of them at home instead of taking them to nursing homes.
Male and Female  Dress
Jamaicans  have the same cultural patterns as the British. Jamaica was once a British colony, so the males and females dress in similar pattern as in British culture.
Making Eye Contact
Jamaicans were taught that it is polite to look people in the eye when you are speaking to them.
Touching or Standing in Close Proximity
Jamaicans  do not know what it means to allow people their personal space. The very first time Jamaicans meet you, they think it is OK to be friendly. They want to shake your hand, they want to hug you. They are very friendly. People from all over the world love Jamaicans because they are very friendly.
Jamaican Traditional dress
The Jamaican Traditional dress was fashioned after the style of dress the slave women used to wear to the market when they were selling their produce from the farm.
The Jamaican Flag
The colours of the Jamaican Flag are black, green and gold.  The black represents the hardships that the people have endured. The green represents the lush vegetation of the land. The yellow represents the sunshine.

Common Misconceptions and little known facts about Jamaica

Marijuana (Weed)
All Jamaicans smoke weed; This is a very common misconception. Not all Jamaicans smoke weed or know where to find it.

Little Known fact: Remittance contributes significantly to the Jamaican economy. Tourism and Agriculture are the main industries and they contribute significantly to the Jamaican economy, however  remittance from  Jamaicans abroad who send money to their relatives in Jamaica contribute  significantly to the Jamaican economy.

Jamaican Dances
Not all Jamaicans Know all the Jamaican Dances.

Bob Marley
Bob Marley died in 1981. (Even though he mysteriously continues to win Grammy awards and other international awards every year).

Ability  To Swim
Many Jamaicans do not know how to swim

Fear of Dogs
Many Jamaicans are afraid of dogs.

Popular Jamaican Song
One Love (By Bob Marley)
One Love,
One Heart,
Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright.


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