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What a Weekend! April 25 to April 28, 2013

Wow! What a weekend! And facebook gave me all the news updates! Thank heavens for facebook! I mean how else would I be able to know everybody's business wherever they were in the world?! 3 Weddings (Congrats to the newlyweds), 3 Birthdays (I will inbox you and let you know which address to send my slice of the cake)! 2 Anniversaries (Congrats on staying true to your love) !1 Flash Flood in Houston (Hope everyone is safe!) Greetings from Bali (Eat Pray Work!). This is too much excitement in one weekend! Anyway thank God for life and the opportunity to share in other friends happiness (although it is via facebook). Once there is life there is always hope. People never give up! All the best to you all for the upcoming week! Stay Positive family and friends!