Comparing New York and Houston


In NY for $1500, you could get a basement apartment.

In Houston, for $1500 you could get a luxury apartment on Westheimer with a jacuzzi...or you could pay mortgage on a house.

In NY for $300,000, you copuld buy a decent townhouse.

In Houston, for $300,000 you can buy 2 townhouses, each one double the size of the one in NY, with a huge backyard for plenty of Barbecues and plenty of space for your little ones to chase each other around.


has one of the best mass transportation systems in America.

has one of the worst and most inefficient mass transportation systems in America.

most people dont own a car, and they take the bus or subway.

most people I know, own a car AND an F150 Truck. As a matter of fact, when i first came here, I heard the advertisement telling me everyday how "this is Ford country". Most people in Houston cant imagine what it must be like to take the bus. I am presently, the only person in Houston who does not own a car ( I had to choose between buying a car, and paying my tuition).
When I just got here and told people i couldn't drive, I got the same reaction you get if you tell people that you are illiterate (Alarm, Panic, Dismay, shaking of their heads in concern). Expressions of "You cannot drive! OH NO! How old are you? (In their minds they are thinking, I cant believe there are people who exist who cannot drive! How unfortunate for them to be in this situation!) So in conclusion, If you dont own a cart in houston, you are in a very pitiful situation.

a bus comes every 5 or 10 minutes and are very efficient. With proper planning you can be wherever you want to be on time.

a bus comes every 30 or 45 minutes. Plan to be late. If you are going down the street, the journey takes 2 hours. If you are going across town, the journey takes 2 hours. You see, after waiting (wasting) 30 minutes for the bus to come, when it arrives, it is time for the driver to take his break. So you sit and wait with the driver while he takes his break, while he goes to the restrroom, goes to the convenience store or Burger King/ McDonalds to get his Breakfast/Lunch? Dinner, you wait till his food has digested, till he calls his wife Thelma, and then his girlfriend Betsy, takes his nap, and then it's time to begin your journey to work. it doesn't matter if there are 3 or 30 people in the bus. They are all used to his routine and they dont say a word. Some may call the Houston metro, but what is the use?
But hey, let's look on the bright side, at least you get the chance to tour Houston EVERY day, and you learn organizational skills i.e. you learn to leave your house 2 hours before your appointment/job/class.

Ok, this has turned out to be a very one-sided comparison as i vent and rant about my frustrations.

More to come soon on my comparison between New York and Houston soon. I will have to talk about New Yorkers and the reason they shout at each other ( of course you know it involves how very expressive they are and could be the only way they know how to show affection, by shouting at each other).


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