Which society is more forgiving of our young men?

If a male commited a felony when he was younger, but after serving time for the crime, he tried to turn his life around, do you think it is easier for a male to get back on track, to get a job, provide for his family, live in a nice neighbourhood, in Jamaica, or in the States? Through community service I have met a lot of males who do not see a way out of the cycle they have been trapped in. Would it be easier for them to get back on track in Jamaica?


GayleA@uhv.edu said…
I don't know a lot about Jamaican society, but I can tell that American society is extremely unforgiving. There are some organizations out there that help ex-convicts get on their feet, but for the most part companies do not want anything to do with them. What's more, they are usually on probation for a while and are required to work, to attend meetings that require money to get in and transportation to get there, and to pay fees to their probation officers - all while fighting to just get and keep a job from a society that has no interest in giving them a chance even though they have already served their time.
MsJamusic said…
That is true. And they are trapped in this never-ending cycle because in order to get their lives back on track, they need a job, and if companies are unwilling to hire them, they are force to resort to illegal means to survive.
mrbestkiss said…
the trapped is only in mind, self conciously, it be remind when w/e he is doing, like sleeping, unconciously thinking about someone going to backstabbed him and wake up and realize just a dream. i witness an inmate out and free living in my apt.

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