Why Am I Always Posting Pictures Of Food On My Page?

Why Am I Always posting pictures of food on my page?
I have to share this funny question my friend  sent me

Friend:  Ru sure u made the right career choice,cause I feel like u should have probably become a chef,cook,caterer,restaurant owner as a matter of fact anything to do wid food

My Answer: The more I studied  Medical Technology, and since I have lived here in America I have realized that many people get sick easily, have unhealthy diets, and are on prescription drugs because they dont eat properly. Growing up in Jamaica, I learned how to prepare healthy meals and how to have a healthy diet and so I  have managed to stay healthy and I dont look like the majority of other 33 year olds who live in America. That is why I promote healthy eating on my facebook page. The key to a healthy diet is simple. Cook your own food, limit fast food and prescription drugs. Other habits that help are to get plenty of rest, water and exercise, find something to laugh about everyday, find a way to relax, but my main point is this, you can take control of your health and your life by eating healthy. Instead of spending $1 each day at the Dollar Menu, use $10-$20 (or whatever you spend each day) to buy some grocery or to buy a decent meal and that will save you spending $10,000 -$20,000 in the future in hospital bills to deal with Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Heart Attack and other health issues that come with the Dollar Menu diet. 


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