Hurricane Ike in Houston

Hurricane Ike. Well this was the first hurricane I had experienced since Hurricane Gilbert had hit Jamaica in 1988. Many people in Houston were not prepared for this hurricane because after the mass hysteria with the Hurricane Rita evacuation, people just didn't feel like going through that trauma again. Then the irony was that Houston was prepared for Rita and it did not hit. At the last minute it changed course. So many people did not take Ike seriously. I was not really impressed by Ike. That was probably because it it didnt hit my neighbourhood as hard as it hit some other parts of Houston. What I was really impressed by was how Ike could shut down the 4th largest city in the United States for one week. I don't get it. I thought Houston was supposed to be the Energy Capital of the United States. So I was one of the residents of Houston who had no power for 10 days after the Hurricane. I told all my friends it was just like being back in Jamaica. I had no light, no AC, no hot shower, no tv, no internet, no facebook, no myspace and we were using the gas stove. all my friends laughed at me. But you know what, I was listening to my battery powered radio and this man called in to the radio station and said that because of Ike, himself and his wife rekindled their romance after 20 years. in a nutshell, he just expressed that because they had no power, they were forced to have candlelight dinners, and they spent more time with each other. And i must agree that Ike drew many families and neighbourhoods closer. Yes there were more candlelight dinners because it is better than eating in the dark, families were forced to talk to each other and spend time with each other because unfortunately, there was no facebook and no power to charge up their cell phones. How sad. Families rediscovered board games like checkers and monopoly because there was no electricity for them to play Wii. The day after the power went everyone decided to start up their barbecue grill before all the meat spoiled. So suddenly it was like a block party, and Ike blew down everyone's fences that they hid behind so now everyone could see into everyone else's backyard and suddenly everyone started to talk to each other and spread neighbourly love. Yes Ike forced all the neighbours to talk to each other and depend on each other to survive. My friend told me that at her apartment complex, all the people and their dogs were sleeping in their cars so they could enjoy the comfort of the AC. But isn't that a bit dangerous I asked? These people didnt care. they had to survive the Houston Heat. So Ike brought many damages to houston's infrastructure but it also brought back family and neighbourly love. Maybe Houston needed Ike.


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