recommendations for greyhound

this is not the time for greyhound to be pointing
fingers. this is the time for greyhound to admit it's
mistakes, accept responsibility and do something to
address it's problems.
i don't have a problem with the greyhound drivers who are professional about their jobs and respect the people who they carry; i have a problem with the greyhound management who allow unsafe drivers on the road, that see that there is a problem but do nothing to correct that problem.
i guess i must admit that every bus company has some very good drivers and some very bad drivers.
what options are there for people like me who have to take the bus every now and then? is there any reliable bus company in america?
i guess travelling itself is a risk. we all just have to look out for our own safety, say our prayers and hope for the best. but if a driver slips up, we have to say something. because we want them to know , hey, you made a mistake here, please correct your mistake so the next trip will be safe for the next person.


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