my grey hound experience

I took greyhound from Houston to New York. the trip to new york was OK and most of the bus drivers were professional. the trip back to houston was scary. when we got to virginia, the driver for the bus was changed. the driver got on the wrong side of the high-way, passing 2 signs saying WRONG WAY. was she sleeping? tired? did a double shift? new driver?
the bus was supposed to go to raleigh. she missed her exit and passed raleigh about 20 miles, when passengers realized the highway signs no longer said "to raleigh", they started shouting for her to stop the bus. with help from some passengers she eventually found her way. needless to say, we arrived at raleigh very late. i made a complaint to greyhound asking what was going to be done about this mistake? these mistakes needed to be addressed.
greyhound replied that it was not their fault but the fault of carolina trailways who the driver was registered with. my question is, if an accident had occurred, would the surviving customers and their families be told that, even though they had paid their fares to greyhound, greyhound IS responsible for their bus with the big GREYHOUND on the side, but greyhound is not responsible for the lives of the people who were travelling on the bus.these people by the way did not at anytime ask greyhound to hire a driver from carolina trailways).
anyway, good luck to anyone considering to ride with greyhound.


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