People in Houston love high gas prices

I am of the firm belief that people in Houston looooove high gas prices. If they didn't they would have done something about it. Look at the public transportation system. Most people dont use it. However they complain about gas prices. If they were really upset about gas prices, they would complain, they would march down to the office of the member of congress that represents them and demand that something be done. Houston is the United States fourth most largest city and it does not have an effective mass transportation system. Unbelievable!


Dan said…
You're absolutely right. I used to ride to work when I lived in Houston, and the bus was always door to door full with standing passengers. I always wondered, why don't they have more buses, or build a train?

I heard that metro had proposals for commuter trains, but the city govt. dropped it in favor of adding more lanes to the freeway.

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