Poor Planning for Urbanization Causes Pollution in Houston

Urbanization has moved at a very rapid pace. In our race to build bigger and better infrastructure, we have caused the environment to become more polluted. Poor Planning for urbanization has caused pollution in Houston. Key terms that will be used in this essay are urbanization, pollution and environment. As defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, urbanization is from the word urbanwhich means of, relating to , characteristic of, or constituting a city. Pollution is derived from the word pollute which means to make impure; to contaminate (an environment) with man-made waste. Environment means surroundings, the whole complex of factors (as soil, climate and living things) that influence the form and the ability to survive of a plant or animal or ecological community.
In the online article, "Urban environmental history and neighborhood planning" by Wendy A Kellog, the author discusses the impact of cities on the natural environment. In building cities, the environment is affected in many ways such as
"they put streams and brooks into underground culverts,
fill in wetlands, dam rivers, and kill coastlines. They kill
flora and fauna native to locations and introduce new ones
through agriculture and urban landscaping
In examining this article, it's implications can be applied to any large city such as Houston. In Houston it can be seen that in the past, the environment was not considered when urbanization was being planned. City planners need to have environmental planning as a priority when planning for expanding the city.

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